Wooden windows

Wood is considered to be the most traditional material for window frames and it is still quite popular. Wooden windows have a distinctive primal appearance. Also, they create a quiet comfortable and homely atmosphere of ambience. The material is one of the most environmentally friendly choices. It has the ability to be grown again and to be recycled easily. Here are some additional benefits of wood windows at a glance:

  • Excellent thermal isolation and natural appearance
  • Appealing and cosy look 
  • Unique look because of the individual grain and colour 
  • Sustainable obtaining through environmental friendly forestry 
  • Multiple coating protection of the surface
Wooden windows

Fenstersysteme aus Wood

Natura Line 78

Natura Line 78

  • 78 mm wide profile of the wings and the massif
  • structure made of spruce wood and triple laminated
  • 2 circumferential wing seals executives in silicone
  • thermal conductivity up to Uw = 0,76 W/m²K


Uw up to 0,76 W/m²K (with Ug 0,5 W/m²K)

up to RC2

Installation depth
78 mm

360 , 8 /Stk. 451 , - /Stk.

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Passiv Line 92

Passiv Line 92

  • 92 mm building depth
  • suitable for passive houses
  • energy-saving wooden windows made out of spruce wood
  • high safety thanks to branded fittings


Uw up to 0,71 W/m²K (with Ug 0,5 W/m²K)

up to  RC2

Building depth
92 mm

403 , 86 /Stk. 504 , 83 /Stk.

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FENSTERNORM - manufacturer and deliverer of windows and doors of high-quality Trocal and Schüco profiles.

Wooden windows Best Preis

Wood - very stable and cosy 

Wood is the most ancient material for windows production. Some of its top qualities are excellent insulation ability and natural character. In addition, wooden windows create a very cosy living atmosphere. Wooden windows are dimensionally stable and can be processed quite simply. The process of modification of the wood makes it even more long lasting. Regarding this aspect, it doesn't show any disadvantages compared to windows made out of synthetic material or aluminium. Also, it's possible to cover the wooden frames with an exterior outer shell. In this way, it is possible to build wood-aluminium windows. These kinds of windows have optimal weather resistance and allow the customers to choose between all the possible colours of the RAL scale. Of course, we shouldn't disregard the ecological aspect. They are very easy to dispose and can used for a second time in many different ways.

For the production of wooden windows, we only use solid woods from sustainable forestry. Normally our model for wooden window Natura Line 788 is made out of spruce wood. However, upon request, we can use wood of larch, oaks, and meranti also. Wooden windows frames can be implemented in many different colours and be naturally glazed in such a way that highlights the grain of the wood.

Nostalgic wooden windows design 

Customers like wooden windows particularly for their pleasant and extremely cosy appearance. Wood is associated with tradition and they transfer a sense of warmth and security. However, wooden windows have poor thermal conductivity and the Uw of 0,83 W/m2 K that makes them suitable for passive houses is quite difficult to reach. 

Spruce wood, pine or oak ?

Wooden window frames are usually produced out of softwood (spruce wood, pine or oak) or out of hardwood (oak or beech). Softwood is usually comparatively cheaper. These factors influence the price or durability, weather resistance and resilience against mould and worms. In addition, these kinds of wood have the best insulation qualities. For environmentally conscious customers the,r sustainable character would play a major role. The wood for modern windows is mostly obtained through ecological forestry.

Versatile application possibilities 

Wooden windows are available in various options. Also, it is possible to implement complex geometrical forms by using this material. For example, out of wood, you can make turn-tilt windows, windows with elegant bars, balcony doors and french windows. The wooden window frames are adaptable to different ideas. Also, it is possible to design the wood in different colours thanks to different kinds of glazings and impregnation. In other words, it's possible to make wooden frames fit to your personal taste.

The modification of wood improves its qualities 

This material is very sensitive to external influences that's why it needs specialised maintenance and care. However, during the modern production of wooden windows, the surface is processed with thermal, mechanical and chemical modification methods. This is necessary in order to cover it with several protective layers. The goal of this production process is to prepare the wood for changing circumstances of the environment such as temperature fluctuations and humidity and make it possible to resist them. If the wood is provided with proper maintenance, it can survive several decades.


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