Aluminium Exterior Glass Door SCHÜCO ADS 70.HI Classic

Entrance door SCHÜCO ADS 70.HI Aluminium –

Stable material, individual aesthetics and versatile equipment 

  • Easy to clean and long plastic material 
  • Enhanced insulation zones for high insulating values 
  • Excellent insulation values 
  • Enhanced burglary protection and smooth handling 


Uf = 1,8 W/m²K


up to RC3

Building depth

70 mm


1436 , 07 /Stk. 1795 , 09 /Stk.

1 wing glassdoor 1000/2100mm

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FENSTERNORM - manufacturer and deliverer of windows and doors of high-quality Trocal and Schüco profiles.

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Technical details

Aluminium entrance door Schüco ADS 70.HI -Datasheet

  • Door frame: Building depth - 70 mm and visible width - 147 mm 
  • 3 chamber aluminium profile with foam filling
  • Heat transition coefficient Uf- 1,8 W/m²K , Ud- 1,2 W/m²K 
  • A barrier-free and thermally-separated threshold 
  • An option for an inset aluminium filling - 50 mm
  • Inwards and outdoors opening available 
  • Upgradable up to security class RC3 
  • An almost flush rosette 
  • An individual surface design 
  • Triple glazing, Ug-value 0,5 W/m²K
  • Glazing with a warm edge (spacer) available 
  • 1-fold locking: bolt latch lock or roller latch lock
  • 5-fold locking: 'SafeMatic' or swing hook bolt lock
  • Surface-mounted hinges, concealed hinges or barrel hinges available 
  • Compatible with Schüco window and the sliding door system AWS 70.SI/ASS 70.HI 
  • A leaf width up to 1300 mm and a casement height up to 3030 mm reachable 
  • Door closers with or without hold-open 
  • Easily integrable comfort and safety functions 
  • High-quality series equipment, additional components are optionally available
  • An automatised access control system available

Individual design

High-quality series production and a variety of design versions

Schüco systems are characterised by high-quality standard design and a wide range of expansion options. You can optimise your personal requirements for the comfort and security features of your new dream door with numerous additional components.

A standard profile cylinder with three keys is included in the price, you can order a further number of keys at an extra price with the help of our online configurator.

For the standard version, there is a solid aluminium threshold available. Due to its low height of 20 mm it is suitable for barrier free living. The heat insulated threshold in the bottom area insures reliable protection against driving rain and draughts. 

A rust-free step protection sheet at the lower edge of the door protects the surface from unsightly scratches. 

Optionally you can upgrade your door with laminated safety glass which reduces the risk of injury from cuts in the case of breakage thanks to a special technique through which shards stick to a special foliation. For even more heat protection we recommend the spacer Warm Edge from Swisspacer.

An E-Opener (electric door-opener) opens a door at the touch of a button or for example after entering the correct numerical code. Electronic opening doors are very practical solutions for hospitals or retirement homes.

A motor lock: This is optional equipment that locks the door automatically after it's been closed. With this mechanism is an absolute guarantee that it will stay closed.

A skylight and side panels with a glass filling create a bright and cosy hallway.  The skylight is available with a manual opener and upon enquiry, it can be upgraded with an energy saving electric opener. 

The doors for rescue and escape routes can be unproblematically equipped with panic fittings that make a fast opening in emergency situations possible. We have developed designs with door handles and a cross bar.

Alarm contacts with a magnetic switch serve as an extra safety-plus triggering an alarm even when there is a very small opening of only a few millimetres.

A door latch at the top of the door ensures an easy and independent door opening and this eliminates draughts and slamming doors. Closing force and speed can be adapted to your personal needs.

Aluminium door handles are included in the price and stainless door handles and push handles for an individual design are available upon enquiry.

Product features

Aluminium-entrance doors ADS 70.HI for demanding needs 

The demands on doors increased enormously in the last years and the aluminium door ADS 70.HI manages to comply with the current high criteria of planners and private customers. The house doors from solid aluminium are characterized by high weather resistance and security. The dimensionally stable and corrosion resistant material has a very long service life and is very stable even under enormous strain.
The entrance door ADS 70.HI from Schüco is a real high tech product regarding functionality and design. The door impresses with high anti-burglar protection that can be upgraded even further with additional accessories. In addition, aluminium doors and windows don't require special maintenance. It's enough to clean them with a cloth and lukewarm water.

An additional advantage is the possibility to customise the entrance door ADS 70.HI according to your personal ideas and in compliance with the architectural specifics of a building. On the one site, you can change the look of the door with the help of inset panels and design the entire house facade in a different way. On the other hand, you can upgrade the aluminium door from Schüco with the help of additional components according to customers' wishes. Of course, the entrance door can be combined with further products from Schüco. Such as for example, aluminium windows.

A new generation of door hinges – a simple assembly with maximized stability

Door hinges must carry the weight of a metal door and withstand high stresses when opening and closing. The door hinges from Schüco don't have any problem with up to 200 kg heavy doors and show enormous durability of over 500 000 test cycles during tests. An additional advantage of the innovative door hinges is the possibility of 3D adjustment without hanging out the heavy door wing.
You can choose between 3 different options: rolled barrel, surface mounted or hidden door hinges. All of them provide secure and durable functions. The overlying door hinges are included in the price. They have impressive outer appearance and loading capacity. There are appealing elegant rolled barrel hinges available which fit seamlessly to the overall appearance of ASD 70.HI. A part of the range of our production are hidden door hinges which comply with the highest demands on aesthetics and security and provide effective protection against pollution and weather influences.

More security with the locking systems from Schüco 

Schüco offers security components up to security class RC3 (WK3). On the one hand, they must provide maximum safety and on the other hand, they must be easy to handle. In addition, locking systems are expected to ensure the highest function of security for decades and to remain easy to maintain or even maintenance free. 

The more locking points the door has, the better it is protected against burglar attacks. We provide ADS 75.SI with a slam lock from Schüco as a standard. We offer an additional option for five points interlocking with hook bolts and steel bolts. Besides the main bolt in the centre, there are two additional steel bolts that drive up and down to both hook bolts. With this mechanism, it is even possible to reach the resistance class RC 3.

The demands for looking technology are growing year by year. Within its range of products, Schüco offers a self-locking system with four self-locking system SafeMatic - 4  with a latchbolt and one bolt (the main lock). Multiple point locking is automatically activated with every opening or closing of the door. This interlocking technology is equally suitable for residential and industrial buildings and impresses with high security and uncomplicated handling. This locking system guarantees even with unlocked door resistance class RC2. Through additional manual locking, the main lock is closed, and this blocks the door handle.

Module Accessories for a keyless access

The entrance door ADS 70.HI can be upgraded with biomedical technologies and effective keyless access control. The automatic Door Control System (DCS) is built on a module principle and thus it can be arranged in different ways without any problem.

  • Card reader: Instead of keys you have a RFID-card which you can store in a space saving way in your pocket. 
  • Keyboard: You can open the door through entering 4 or 6 digits. The lost keys are not a problem any more. 
  • Fingerprint mechanism:  DCS-Fingerprint-module uses Bluetooth technology and can be managed via Android or iOS-App. The undisputed advantages of the door control modules: You can’t lose your finger and you don't have to memorize a combination of numbers. If you wish you can create various profiles and delete them at any time.

Optional equipment – creating personal accents 

Practical door stoppers for fixing an open-door leaf.

Optimal functionality and security offered by integrated swing door drives from Schüco. Swing door drives are a good solution everywhere where the manual opening and closing of the door is almost impossible. This is the case with heavy doors or for living concepts for disabled people. 

Radio control for even easier operation of the house door Schüco ADS 70.HI which helps to open the door by using a remote control. Modern security solutions hinder abuse and the device is used by unauthorized persons only.

In addition, we offer you high-quality equipment for the entrance area. There is an option of a luminous house number, LED-spots for the internal and outer area or a sensitive motion sensor. All these functions are executed in an energy saving manner. 

There is integrated door communication in the door frames which is optionally available with audio or video and makes you feel more secure. For the external area, you can choose between a camera, a microphone or a loudspeaker. For the rooms inside you can opt for an audio or video equipped communication system. 

The concealed door closer with flat sliding rail allows an independent and smooth closing of the door. Slamming doors belong to the past. Closing force and speed can be adapted to your personal needs.

With professional advice towards the right door

FENSTERNORM stands for individual solutions for windows and doors, professional workers with many years of experience and for fast and flexible assembly. 
We produce made-to-measure doors from the profile Schüco ADS 70.НI and respect all customers needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you to develop a personal concept for your new entrance door. 


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Linz - Austria

Linz - Austria

SCHÜCO AWS/ADS 75.SI, lift and slide door Schüco ASS 70.HI


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