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Fensternorm Outlet - high-quality windows and doors with a 50% discount!

High-quality windows, accessories like window sills and shutters can be seen as a comprehensive investment. Depending on the profile, foil and glazing you use the acquisition costs could be quite different. We should always remember that quality has its price. However, FENSTERNORM customers have the unique opportunity to receive our products for a small portion of the original price. How is this possible? You should just have a look at our outlet where you can find many products at reduced prices.

Direkt vom Hersteller

FENSTERNORM - manufacturer and deliverer of windows and doors of high-quality Trocal and Schüco profiles.

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Where do the outlet articles come from?

In our outlet, you can find brand new products that haven't been used at all. However, you might ask yourself where do these articles come from? Here you have our answers:

  • End of series limits and remaining stock. Very often, in the outlet, you can find end of series limits that were exposed for different reasons. FENSTERNORM offers last copies in impeccable quality at very low prices.
  • Excessive production. In addition, there is an excessive production that ends up in the outlets. In every company, it can happen that more products are produced than sold. The products comply with all the norms and standards but they couldn't be used for one or another reason. FENSTERNORM sells these products for bargain prices.
  • Wrong measurements. Sometimes customers make wrong measurements and while a smaller window or door can still be installed, in the case of products that are too large this isn't so easy. However, wrongly measured windows are still perfect products from an aesthetic and technical point of view. Wrongly measured windows, doors and accessories are part of our outlet product range.
  • Unclaimed goods. There are many cases when an order couldn't be picked up. There can be many reasons for that, for example, sickness or financial problems of the customer. That gives us the unique opportunity to offer first class windows and doors at excellent prices.

The early bird gets the worm

You could have a look at our windows, doors and accessories at our storage depot in Vienna. You can do this from Monday to Friday between 10:00 - 12:00 and 12:30 - 16:00. At that time our warehouse workers can show you our products. If you're with a personal consultant then you can talk to the advisers at our office at Triesterstrasse 257, 1230 Vienna. You can pick up your product personally, but of course, installation and delivery are possible for a small extra charge.
Think about the doors and windows in the outlet being in very small quantities that are sold out quite fast. We wish you success in your search for your dream window or some other kind of product.