Aluminium-plastic Residential Doors

Our aluminium synthetic entrance and house doors are characterized by the intelligent mix of materials. The plastic profile from TROCAL provides optimal insulation values and the aluminium shell is coated with weather resistant powder. Because of the qualities of these two materials. Synthetic doors combine optimal energy management and durability and make it a standard. A synthetic door with aluminium shell covering reaches the highest innovation level. Our doors will match the highest security standards thanks to the triple security hack locking.

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FENSTERNORM - manufacturer and deliverer of windows and doors of high-quality Trocal and Schüco profiles.

Alu-plastic Best Preis

Haustürsysteme aus uPVC-aluminium

Exterior panel door Trocal 88 AluClip

  • proven materials, ingeniously combined
  • an innovative multi-chamber profile system
  • high insulating door panel
  • barrier-free door thresholds


Ud = 0,74 W/m²K

Profile system

6 chambers

Building depth 

93 mm

ab 1419 , - /Stk.

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Modellauswahl uPVC-aluminium Haustüren

The paint surface

The aluminium surface of the entrance doors is processed with powder spray. This method is called EPS and it prevents discolouration for a very long time. In the product configurator, you can find a wide range of RAL colours and wood decors to choose from.

Aries Trocal 88 AluClip


Aries-R Trocal 88 AluClip


Balla Trocal 88 AluClip


Balla-R Trocal 88 AluClip


Carina Trocal 88 AluClip


Conna Trocal 88 AluClip


Conna-R Trocal 88 AluClip


Coparo Trocal 88 AluClip


Estoque Trocal 88 AluClip


Fluento Trocal 88 AluClip


Lunea Trocal 88 AluClip


Lunea-R Trocal 88 AluClip


Perla-R Trocal 88 AluClip


Ravis Trocal 88 AluClip


Remon Trocal 88 AluClip


Remon-R Trocal 88 AluClip


Revere Trocal 88 AluClip


Revere-R Trocal 88 AluClip


Riva Trocal 88 AluClip


Riva-R Trocal 88 AluClip


Stylus Trocal 88 AluClip


Zelia Trocal 88 AluClip


Aluminium and PVC- a successful combination

Stable multi-chamber profiles from Trocal

The PVC profile consists of several chambers most of which are air-filled. This construction guarantees excellent heat insulating qualities. At the same time, the aluminium synthetic profile guarantees sufficient air circulation. The aluminium shelves make the frame even more stable. 

Every single door from FENSTERNORM can be seen as an individual custom-made masterpiece. The models range from simple, pricey, up to an exclusive and highly individual. We can implement your every wish.

Open to different design ideas 

Thanks to powder coatings, the aluminium surfaces become particularly noble. The doors are not only resistant towards different external influences, but they can be designed with many different colours also. You can choose between matt or glossy surfaces, modern or classical look. With aluminium on its outside the door is very easy to care for and highly weather resistant. It's enough to clean the door with water and common cleaning agents on regular basis.

Burglars don't have any chance 

The highly resistant aluminium is a big obstacle for burglars. The combination of aluminium and synthetic is optimal for Burglar-Protection-Doors. In the standard models, we use WINKHAUS WK2 (RC2) which serves as optimal burglar inhibition.

Long-lasting and robust 

The doors are particularly easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning with water and common cleaning products is totally sufficient to preserve their nice appearance. Aluminium synthetic doors resist every kind of mechanical loading and weather influences without any big problems. Their lifetimes can reach up to several decades.